Source Code

  • Jdownloader is an open source program, you can download the sources from the official SVN repository svn://svn.jdownloader.org/jdownloader If you have not SVN client will provide a copy of the updated repository 13-08-2010 source-jdownloader.tar.gz...

    Automatic reconnection of JDownloader

  • As you navigate the Internet or perform activities connected to the Web, the router can suddenly restart or something may happen that may cause some applications...

    Basic configurations for JDdownloader

  • To make the most of your downloads, JDdownloader offers you some basic configurations that you should take into account. If you have many files, and you urgently need to complete a particular download, JDdownloader allows you to indicate the levels of priority of each of the files. With the help of the right button of the mouse, you will be able to...

    Download with multiple servers with JDownloader

  • The multiple servers to host and download files are very much used, nowadays, by thousands of people all around the world. From them, you can Access all kinds of files that can be rapidly shared from the Internet address “(URL)”. JDownloader allows you to manage downloads from the most used hosting portals of these days: Rapidshare, Megaupload,...

    Most popular Download Managers of the Internet

  • Given the long delays in the download of multimedia files, it is common to use applications that accelerate or organize the download of movies or videos in your PC. The implementation of these programs allows you to give more speed to the traffic of files. While the transference usually works at 10 or 15 kbs, with the “Download Managers” you will be able to get a speed...

    Update JDownloader in the simplest way.

  • Now and then, this excellent download manager performs updates of its completely free versions. With the aim of improving its interface and the multiple...

    Rapidshare Premium Account for jdownloader

  • If you are tired of spending long hours in front of the screen, waiting for your favorite movies to be downloaded to your PC, JDownloader offers an exclusive alternative for all Premium users. This important strategy is based on the creation of a Premium account in one of the most popular servers of the Internet: Rapidshare. The...

    All about JDwonloader

  • With JDownloader you will not waste a minute of your time when you download a file from sites such as Rapidshare or Megaupload: you just have to paste the links of your interest and let this amazing program in charge of the rest. Download faster: JDownloader accelerates your downloads from two different perspectives: first,...


  • It is compatible with multiple languages:
JDownloader supports various languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and many more.
  • It avoids waiting times:
JDownloader supports the introduction of a special configuration to avoid the waiting periods given in between downloads. It is based on a new IP assignment.
  • It supports Premium accounts:
JDownloader is compatible with special accounts (the ones that are paid), which improves the speed and download time even more.
  • It extracts RAR files:
JDownloader merges and extracts files that are divided or compressed in RAR format. This process is performed after the downloads are finished.
Jdownloader.com is not the official website of JDownloader program. The official developers are in jdownloader.org

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