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Jdownloader is an open source program, you can download the sources from the official SVN repository svn://svn.jdownloader.org/jdownloader
If you have not SVN client will provide a copy of the updated repository 13-08-2010

MD5: 70bff4ee8d77f18e80a580af3959ef3d
MD5: 86df79672ac8196f9414d038f662da5d

If you are interested in developing jdownloader, you can get more information on the official website of the project.

Official Web Project


  • It is compatible with multiple languages:
JDownloader supports various languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and many more.
  • It avoids waiting times:
JDownloader supports the introduction of a special configuration to avoid the waiting periods given in between downloads. It is based on a new IP assignment.
  • It supports Premium accounts:
JDownloader is compatible with special accounts (the ones that are paid), which improves the speed and download time even more.
  • It extracts RAR files:
JDownloader merges and extracts files that are divided or compressed in RAR format. This process is performed after the downloads are finished.
Jdownloader.com is not the official website of JDownloader program. The official developers are in jdownloader.org

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